of Chemicals (liquid form) used for making
m/m Wigs m/m Wefts
- based on the quantity (of each component glue in case of 2 component glue) ordered and packed per bottle

1) 1 Liter = about 0.8 Kgs ( Exception: 1 Liter of CW7433WG-HH is 0.9 Kgs; 1 Liter of G7110-MF, G7410-MF is 1 Kg.)
2) All the below prices are in terms of FOB/Seoul, Korea.
3) Freight and Bank Charge ( us$40.00 in case payment done by Bank's Transfer) will be added. (Please click on "How to Pay".)

If there is any mixing ratios in need for your using our chemicals, we inform you the mixing ratios and proper solvents.

Meanwhile, we do not provide production (or treatment, applying) methods (techniques) using our chemicals. Because there must be related matters before (Pre-treatment) and after (After-treatment) applying (using) our chemicals, it is not simple to give technical service. We are a company providing training courses and manufacturing Know-How for a fee.

G5Po-WG & G420-WG (2 component wefting glue for H/H and Synthetic fiber, specially slippery synthetic fiber (Heat Resistant Fiber) <Mxing ratio: G5Po-WG : G420-WG = 1:20>
For CW7433-WG-HH (Single component liquid glue for H/H Wefting)

CW7400-WG-Blue & CW7400-WG-Red ( 2 component wefting glue for H/H and Synthetic fiber)

Denser grade of CW7400-WG (Blue & Red) can make more than 3 times as much as CW7400-WG(Blue & Red) by adding cheap solvents, etc, having longer shelf life, saving shipping cost.

 CW7440-HI-FR (Single component liquid glue, the best glue used by major wig factories internationally
for implanted hairs by implanting machine (CW440-HI ) into Flat Skin (CW220-I/SKIN) of Skin Vrown, or Skin Part of Machine made Wigs 
CW7440-HI-HH (same as CW7440-HI-FR but for H/H)
CW7130-MF & CW7430-MF ( 2 liquid-mixed or 2 component Multi-function Glue )

Denser grade of CW7130-MG & CW7430-MF can make more than 3 times as much as CW7130-MF & CW7430-MF by adding cheap solvents,etc, having longer shelf life, saving shipping cost.

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