Chemicals ( Liquid Glues, Adhesives, Bonds, Wig Oils )
Glue for making Tape-In Hair
Pre-Bonding Glue(powder type)
Anti-shining chemical-CW752-AS
Hair Knot Sealer
Human Hair Weft Glue
Skin Weft wearing Tape (Roll)
Tape Hair wearing Tape (Roll)
Chemicals used in making Men's Hairpieces (Toupees) handtied
(1) Base-making chemicals: PU-Soft, PU-Hard, Micro Thin PU
(2) Knot Sealers, CW715-K(G&Y) for Hand-Implanted or Knotted Hair
, etc
(3) Anti-Shining chemical(CW752-AS) to remove shine of PU skin
(4) Hardening chemicals,CW734-MH(A&B) for pre-headshaping caps
Since 1986, we have been suppling chemicals used generally & internationally over 5,000 companies (world biggest factories and small retail shops) in 128 countries.
Chemicals used in Processing raw Human Hair (Tangle removers,Bleaching, Dyeing, Hair codntioning for silkiness,smoothness,restoration
Chemicals used in making Human hair pieces, Synthetic hair pieces
Chemicals(glues) used in wefting hair, Hair Implantation, Hair hand-tie
Chemicals used in wearing Toupees: Permanent Bonding Glue(G660W which is Hypo-allergenic )
Adhesive Tape-strip, contour shape, roll, etc
Glue G195D (Powder Type) for Pre-tipped hair Keratin Glue Stick
Glues & Remover (Gel Type & Liquid Type) for Eyelash Extension

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