GLUES used in Wefting (Weft-Sewing)
Hair Implanting by machine on Skin Top / Pasrting /Crown

G7433WG-HH( (Old Product No. : CW7433-3HH)
We have been up-grading & up-dating CW7433WG since development & production in 1995 according to (1) the diverse & various requests of buyers and the international wig & hairpiece markets for hardness, softness, thickness, etc), and (2) the change of hair-materials, (3) technical & mechanical chages in producing wefts, wigs, etc - while being supplying for weft factories in China, India,Indonesia,Italy, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, UK, USA, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, etc.

We, produce all the weft machines and the weft glues, and other glues producing wefts and wigs and training overseas people for how to make wefts, wigs, hair-pieces. So, we have been receiving and collecting lots of technical requests, market's information from the world ( we are supplyng for about 5,000 companies in 105 countries with hundreds of products -HandTie needle, Synthetic Fiber, Curling paper ~ Weft machines, Ultra-sonic machines) and can put them into our research and development of chemicals, machines,other equipments.
CW7433WG-HH is used by more than 400 companies ( big & major human hair wig factories and human hair-piece (hair extension) factories in China, India, etc) and small factories in Italy, Netherlands, UK, USA,etc)
For more than 15 years, we have supplied only one kind, CW7433WG-HH for big weft and Wig factories by drum

CW7433WG-HH has been the best seller.

, people these days have diverse &various request ( demand).
The adhesiveness & hardness & thickness of CW7433WG-HH can not be reguglated (adjusted) by the user according to the thickness (density) of wefts and hardness required by conditions of each human hair or, required by customers or buyers.

To solve such limitation of CW7433-WG, we developed W7400WG which is made up of 2 liquids to be mixed for application (usage).
While training beginners of weft-making in 2007-2009, we developed CW7400WG for Small Business people, who does not make wefts every day and use 0.5 Kgs, or 1 Kg at a time, therefore, can not use 1 Liter (or 1 Kg) of wefting glue (cw7433WG-HH) in a day, and as a result, will throw away the glue which will become thicker or solid because the solvent of the wefting glue volatilizes or vaporizes.

Since 2020, we have G7433-WG-HH and G7433-WG-FR which are upgraded CW7433-WG-HH and CW7433-WG-FR.

G5Po-WG & G420-WG (2 component wefting glue for H/H and Synthetic fiber, specially slippery synthetic fiber (Heat Resistant Fiber) <Mxing ratio: G5Po-WG : G420-WG = 1:20>
G7400WG (Blue & Red)
(Old Product No. : CW7400WG (Blue & Red)
<> 2 Liquid Weft Glue
2 different liquids are to be mixed for (before) usage.
<> Heat-resistant (proof) & Water-resistant
Wefts glued with CW74333WG-HH stands at even
140 degree C. in an oven.
CW7400WG was developed in 2009 while traning an Amercian trainee for weft-making who had a particular request for quality of wefts & Weft Glue, and afterwords, has been up-graded & up-dated while supplying for overeas weft factories and providing Hands-On-Training courses for people for weft-making

<> Available for both Human hair and Synthetic fiber
<> Long time of storage without quality change is available.
<> Adhesiveness can be changed/controlled /adjusted to hair materials, thickness of weft, usage of weft, etc.
<> Hardness can be controlled/changed/adjusted according to what weft be used for, etc.


<> 1 Liquid Weft Glue
Wefting Glue for SYNTHETIC FIBER wefted with WEFTING M/C, CW432-2H

CW7440-HI-FR (The best glue used by major wig factories internationally)

<> 1 Liquid Weft Glue
Glue for machine-implanting synthetic fiber into IMITATION SKIN ( CW220-I/SKIN ) of SKIN CROWN, or SKIN PART of Machine Made WIGS

CW7440-HI-HH (The best glue used by major wig factories internationally)

<> 1 Liquid Weft Glue
Glue for machine implanting human hair into into IMITATION SKIN ( CW2440-FSS) of SKIN CROWN, SKIN PARTING, SKIN TOP of Machine Made WIGS


<> 1 Liquid Weft Glue
Glue for Machine Implanting in Human hair


<> 1 Liquid Weft Glue
Glue for Machine Implanting in Synthetic fiber

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