Chemicals used for making Men's Toupees & WIGS(Hand-Tied)

PU-Soft, PU-Hard. PU-MicroThin Skin, Hair Attaching Glue, Knot Sealers for Knotted/V-looped Hair
CW701-S (LIQUID) PU-SOFT used in making SKIN BASES of Men's Hairpieces
- Our PU is very suitable for producing Men's Hairpieces.

(LIQUID) PU-HARD (used in making SKIN bases of Men's Hairpieces
- We make PU very suitable for producing SKINS of Men's Hairpieces in good.

CW703-MC PU-MICRO THIN (LIQUID) used in making Micro THIN SKIN base
(cap) weighing 2.5 grams ( General Skins used for Men's Hairpieces weigh 10 grams or more)
>>>>> Micro Thin, Little Hair, Ultra Lite

<> We would not receive an order if you have not produced Micro Thin skins or if you do not know to make Micro Thin skin-toupees which is produced differently from general PU skin toupees.
CW706-SFT60S PU-SOFTENING ( for Micro Skin) used in making MICRO-THIN SKIN bases softer AS a COATING-PU 
( MICRO-THIN SKIN tends to be stiff and hard.)



PU-COATING for SKIN BASES of Men's Hairpieces
CW708-FMSS - used in making PU Skin with Fine Mono Net embedded  
G100 & G400 -Knotted or implanted hair Attaching Glue
(Two-component glue)
G7101-KS1 & G7104-KS4
(Old code:CW7101-KS & CW7104-KS)
- Two component glue
- Factory use
- Strong knot Sealers ( 2 liquid qlue: CW7101-KS and CW7104-KS are to be mixed for use)
- Two component glue
(Old code: CW7015-KT103(Blue&Red)
KNOT SEALER having knotted (hand-tied) hair attached to NET (MESH, LACE) of Lace Wigs and Men's Toupees
CW733-V3HA(V1A&V4B) 2009 NEW-ATTACHING GLUE for hairs knotted or V-looped onto PU SKIN base of Men's Hairpieces (Toupees).  

- Two component glue
( Old code:CW711MH-GM51R102),

MESH HARDENING CHEMICALS used in making (MONO) NET BASES head-shaped and keep the shape for a long time
CW734BE-MH(SHOP) (1D2) MESH HARDENING CHEMICALS(25%) for Small Business or Shop's usage
(Old code:CW 722-AS)
ANTI SHINING CHEMICALS used for removing SHINE from SKIN bases and the area where SKIN and MESH are jointed. <US$100.00 ~ US$50.00/Liter>

The shelf life of CW752-AS is over 5 years.

When you order 10 Liters, we give technical support how to remove shine of PU at free.
- Two component glue
(Old code: CW708-FO)
PU FOAM LIQUID used in making instant Head-shaped molds
with proper hardness used in making bases and knotting
<> Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Liters each

No supply

KNOT SEALER: No supply  

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